Assure Lever Lock (YRL236, YRL256)

Meet the Assure Lever, a new lever lock designed for single-hole doors (doors without a deadbolt) from side entries, garages basements, interior rooms and more. The Assure Lever comes in two models; keypad (YRL236) and touchscreen (YRL256).

Unlock and lock your door by entering your code on the keypad — the levers are key-free so they are tamper-proof, and there’s no keys to lose. The Assure Levers can be used as standalone keypad locks, or as smart locks that can be fully integrated into a smart home or alarm system with the addition of a Connected by August, Z-Wave Plus or Yale Smart Module. The standalone version can be upgraded with any Yale Smart Module at any time. 

Assure Lever Features

  • Available with acrylic push button keypad or capacitve touchscreen - both with backlit numbers that won't wear off
  • 100% Key free and tamper proof - Plus there's no keys to lose
  • Wake the screen by simply pressing the Yale logo 
  • For use on all standard interior and exterior doors with a single hole prep
  • Manage unique entry codes to share with people you trust - delete codes when you need to
  • Touchscreen version has voice guidance for programming
  • Auto unlock can be enabled to ensure your door is always locked
  • BHMA Grade 2 Certified
  • Can be upgraded with a Yale Smart Module (Connected by August, Z-Wave Plus) to work with your smart home 

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