The single life


SITUATION: your busy life surrouns you with a circle of friends who all agree that your apartment is the 'place to be.'

WOW your friends with another new friend -- your Yale Real Living lock!

Be a hit on game night!

Bring the buddies over: Code - 3596

  • Unlocks the door
  • Turns the TV on and sets the the channel to ESPN
  • Turns the thermostat down to 69

Speed up your social life!

The first date: Code - 6844

  • Unlocks the door
  • Turns the TV on to HGTV
  • Sets the thermostat at a comfortable 72

The third date: Code - 6500

  • Unlocks the door
  • Set ambiance with some music from your playlist
  • Turns the thermostat up to a warm 76