Understanding ZigBee


ZigBee lets you easily and cost-effectively add intelligent new features that improve the efficiency, safety, security, reliability and convenience of your products. You can help your customers save both energy and money, or give them the tools they need to gain control of their homes. It's even possible to help people maintain their independence and allow them to closely monitor their health and fitness.

Thanks to ZigBee, it's never been easier to differentiate your products and services while also making them smarter and greener.

ZigBee Members

The ZigBee Alliance has attracted some of the most innovative and well-known organizations in the world. Together they are collaborating to improve the way we live and work by developing smart and easy-to-use ZigBee standards that help you gain more control over your world.

As a result of a diverse and growing membership, the Alliance has become a large and thriving ecosystem of organizations providing everything product manufacturers need to create ZigBee products: radio semiconductor chips, design houses, software companies, support tools and testing.

Yale has partnered with Control 4 who with their alliance as a Zigbee Participant plays an active role in evolving ZigBee development and receives early access to specifications and public application profiles for product development.

ZigBee Home Automation Overview  

ZigBee Home Automation offers a global standard for interoperable products enabling smart homes that can control appliances, lighting, environment, energy management and security, as well as the expandability to connect with other ZigBee networks.
Smarter homes allow consumers to save money, be more environmentally aware, feel more secure and enjoy a variety of conveniences that make homes easier and less expensive to maintain.

ZigBee Home Automation supports a diverse ecosystem of service providers and product manufacturers as they invent products necessary to create smart homes. These products are ideal for new construction, do-it-yourself and retrofit markets, and are easy to use, maintain and install.

All ZigBee Home Automation products are ZigBee Certified to perform regardless of manufacturer, allowing anyone to purchase with confidence.

Numerous innovative companies have contributed their expertise to this standard, including Control4.

Yale Real Living – Available in ZigBee configuration.