Yale Real Living and Vera

Vera is simple yet sophisticated.

Vera doesn't stop there. You can add hundreds of devices to your Vera network and even add multiple Vera devices to your home or small business. You have unlimited options for scenes, rooms, timers, events and notifications. Select Vera for security, energy saving, home theater and remote home management.

Vera is a simple and flexible home controller. It is designed to help you save energy, feel more secure about your home and enhance your home theater experience. You can manage Vera from anywhere in the world using your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, PC and other mobile devices.

Touch One Button for Simple Security

With Vera, touch one button to shut down, lock up and arm your house. No more running around to turn off every light, set the alarm and thermostat and check that the doors are locked.

Simplify your morning routine. As you rush out the front door, touch one button and know all the lights are off, the thermostat is set, the doors are locked and the alarm is armed. Relax when you get home after a long day. Get out of the car and touch one button to unlock the door, turn on the lights, disarm the alarm and kick down the temperature.

Yale Real Living locks can be configured with a  Z-wave module and be implemented as part of a Vera network.

LINK: http://micasaverde.com/