Electronic Lock Everyday Use and Features

Everyday Use and Features FAQs

How often should the battery be changed?

The batteries are expected to last up to one year under normal operating conditions. Extreme high and low temperatures may affect battery performance. If the battery is low, a series of warning beeps will sound and the “Yale Real Living” deadbolt will also provide you with a visual low battery warning after a valid code has been entered. The lock operates as normal immediately following the alerts. The critical battery indicator causes the “Yale Real Living” deadbolt to flash red and the lock does not operate. The mechanical key can be used to unlock the lock under these conditions. Replacing the battery once every year is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

How many languages do “Yale Real Living” Touch Screen Keypad Deadbolts speak?

The “Yale Real Living” Touch Screen Keypad Deadbolts have voice assisted programming and operation in three languages; English, Spanish, and French.

Is my lock secure? I saw a demonstration where a Yale deadbolt was locked and unlocked without a key or code.

We are aware that an individual has demonstrated how he was capable of manipulating a Yale deadbolt, thereby creating a potential security lapse.  We take all such assertions and demonstrations regarding our products extremely seriously. As we all know, no lock/deadbolt is, or could claim to be, completely invulnerable to all forms of attack, especially when a person has the time, skill, and knowledge to do so. As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we have developed a part that adds an additional amount of security to the deadbolt . If you would like to see if your lock may be eligible  for this upgrade, please click here.